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How do I set up an account?

Set up an account online or by calling us at 1.800.977.4607. Set up takes about 10 minutes (which is pretty fast, but if you're in a big hurry it can be done even faster).

When can I start using my account?

Immediately. After your account has been set up, you will receieve a confirmation email with the conference call number and codes.

Can I Preview or Demo Your Service?

Yes, AccuConference offers a two week demo of our services to try out all of our feautres. We can also set up one-on-one sessions at your convenience.

How Do I make my first conference call?

Dial the toll free number and enter your moderator code. Everyone else will use the participant code. If someone dials in early - no worries, participants are placed on hold until a moderator arrives.

Do I need to Schedule My Conference with AccuConference?

No. If your conference is fifty people or less and does not need operator assistance, then you do not need to schedule your calls. Calls more than 50 people or those that need an operator must be scheduled with our customer service department 24 hours in advance.

How Do I Record My Calls?

Start a recording from your online account or setup all calls to automatically record. Also, the moderator can choose to record the call from the telephone keypad by entering *2. Download any of your recordings for free from your user account.

How will you bill me?

Pay automatically with a credit card or via invoice. You will receieve a PDF statement by email each month that details your usage over the previous billing cycle. You pick the day we bill you. There are no hidden fees or set up costs.

What Other Services Do You Offer?

AccuConference provides several other services to keep you connected. Call for more details at 1.800.977.4607.

Check out the AccuConference Customer Manual to get insight on the different features and services that are provided with your conference call account.

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