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Our operator call center can assist with planning your next conference call. Our qualified event planners will assist by creating registration pages, sending email reminders and providing on-going customer support. Call center conference assistance will ensure you receive top-notch technical support and service.

There are two types of call centers and AccuConference provides a hybrid of both. In addition to our operator assisted services, we provide reservationless conference calls too.

Outbound call centers

Companies use these centers to host surveys, make important announcement, and follow-up with customer inquiries. AccuConference provides operator assistance to connect you with multiple people at one time. We can have an operator stay on the line to provide support throughout your entire call. Our pre-conference feature is commonly known as a “Green Room” where you can meet with an operator before the event to review last-minute details and conduct a sound check. If you are searching for a call center conference, then you probably need an operator assisted conference call.

Inbound call centers

When a call centers receives incoming calls from existing or prospective clients, it is referred to as an inbound call center. These facilities often provide customer service, sales, and technical support. AccuConference receives multiple inbound calls everyday. Our operators are available 20 hours a day, seven days a week so that you can receive immediate customer service and support.

We have a variety of services and features that are included with every account. Our call center conference specialists can introduce you to these features and provide training if necessary. Whether you need to host an international conference call, a web conference, or setup an 800 forwarding account, our call center specialist can assist you.

Call Center Conference Services: (a.k.a. Operator Assisted Services)

Operator Attended – When your participants dial-in to your conference call, via a toll free number, a conference call specialist will give an opening statement and introduce the speaker. The operator will stay on the call and then host a Q & A session at the end.

Operator Attended + Dial-Out – We can also dial-out to each participant personally to connect them to your call.

Full-time Operator Attend – When your participants dial-in, they will be connected to an operator who will collect their contact information (i.e.  their name and the company their with) at which point they will be transferred to the conference call.

To read more information on these call center conference services, and to view pricing, click here

Why use operator assisted services?

Many companies want an operator assisted call for high-profile events. If you are expecting a large volume of people, or have an important announcement to make, then it is important that your call flows smoothly. An operator will provide peace of mind and insurance that things will go as planned. In addition, having an operator provides adds an executive feel and makes your company look good.

Many lawyers or consultants request operator assistance to boost security. Our operators provide an extra level of screening to ensure that only the correct people are on your call. We can collect valuable data from each participant so that you will receive a detailed list of who attended, and where they were calling from
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