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Having a job interview can be a stressful experience and the level of worry can be exasperated when something knew is thrown your direction.  When it comes to having a conference call interview, it's much the same as any other job interview. Any basic job interview skill can be applied to a conference call interview, with just a couple of tweaks. Here are some basic job interview skills, revised for a world where the conference call is becoming more standard.

  1. Dress Appropriately Believe it or not, your appearance, even if no one can see you, can affect the way you speak and sound. Laying around in your PJs all afternoon seems like a great way to prepare for a job interview that you don't have to leave the house for, but it's not. You probably don't need to go full suit and tie for the occasion, but putting some jeans on and combing your hair will make you feel more professional, and then you will sound more professional.
  2. Smile even though no one can see you. In a face to face interview, you would be making eye contact and giving a big smile, so if you smile on the phone, the hiring manager will hear that.
  3. Answer the Phone Appropriately Much like you wouldn't greet a manager in their office with a "Hey, What's Up", if you're expecting a call from a potential employer any call that comes into your line should be answered with a professional and courteous response. A simple "Hello?" will do, or you can even change it up by using your name when you answer. "Hello, this is Becky."
  4. Proper English becomes even more important when the only thing you have to back up your intelligence is your voice and words. Avoid slang words like "ya'll" and try not to use filler words.
  5. Find Your Quiet Place. When you're invited into an interview situation, the hiring manager will not interview you on the sales floor or in the middle of the break room. You'll be in a quiet conference room.  When invited to a conference call interview, it would be best if you make sure to be in the quiet room of your house, not in the living room or in the middle of the coffee shop grabbing your daily coffee.

Times are changing and being asked to interview by conference call will probably begin to happen more for those in the job market. As long as you treat it like any other job interview, you shouldn't have any problems. The information the employer wants to know will be the same, it's just now, you only have your voice and tone that can be used to charm them.

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