Meeting Ice Breakers

Setting a good tone for your next teleconference is important. Conference calls get a bad rap for being boring, unnecessary, or uninformative. There are often a lot of people on the conference from various parts of the world and have no idea who is on the conference call with them. Here are 15 meeting ice breakers that are perfect for your next teleconference.

  1. Send out an old jingle with your conference agenda and the first person to tell you the product wins a prize. Bonus: Hide the clue in the agenda so people have to read.
  2. When the conference goes live, announce something surprising to the audience about the conference call. Example: Thanks for joining us, and as a reminder, this conference will be in Pig-Latin.
  3. Before someone can ask a question or make a statement, they must tell something unique about themselves.
  4. Send out an attendance list and after stating their name, a participant must name someone to go next.
  5. Play idea hot potato. It’s the same general idea as before, but instead, the host will announce something that needs brainstorming, and then pass off the “potato” by name. Example: “Today we’re going to talk about website design, and I like “this”. Bob.” Now, it’s Bob’s turn.
  6. Have everyone name where they are, and not just their city. Are they at home? Are they in their office? Tip: Use common sense; don’t tell people you are in the bathroom.
  7. With the meeting agenda, ask everyone to respond with what they hope to learn with the conference call. Bonus: This is a great one for paid seminars, so you can help give people what they want.
  8. Play the conference version of “Grandma’s Chest.” The host opens the call and states their name and an adjective that describes themselves and the next person will repeat the adjective and state their own. Bonus: This also helps get everyone’s brains ready to remember.
  9. Before someone asks a question or makes a comment, they have to say their favorite band. Bonus: You’ll expand your musical horizons.
  10. Describe in one word what you do.
  11. Have all participants use one word that describes them in a positive light. Once the positive energy starts flowing, it is a great addition to any conference call.
  12. When participants chime in to make comments or ask questions, if you’re the boss, tell them something that was great they did recently.
  13. When you send out the agenda, propose a challenge to your conference call attendees. Tip: Challenge them to do something non business related, like volunteer for a community organization.
  14. Before speaking, each person must announce the first memory they can recall.
  15. When starting the conference call, announce a little known historical fact, or define an unusual word of the day.

Bonus Tip: Avoid games that might seem like a popularity contest.

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