Getting Started In Public Speaking

When it comes to public speaking, there are a lot of factors that are considered to be roadblocks along the way or things that we can’t seem to overcome. Public speaking concerns can range from a generalized worry over not being prepared to being downright terrified before stepping on stage.  If you’re looking to overcome your fear and find some useful tips to overcoming your fear, take a; look at the collection of tips below to make your next (or first) public experience a great one.

Types of Presentations

Brainstorm Topics. Much like writing a story or paper, you need to have an outline for your speech before trying to write the content.

Free Ways to Practice. Overcome your public speaking anxiety by trying some of these free ways to practice public speaking.

Tips to Tackle the Fear. No one is immune to the nerves of putting yourself on display to the public, but there are a few things that you can do to make yourself a little more at ease.

Break the ice. Here are a collection of tips for breaking the ice when you first step in front of an audience.

Inspiration Series. Three separate resources that indicate why your fear has power, why being honest is the best possible policy, and how being yourself is the most important thing when hosting a presentation.

Have a great conclusion so you can finish strong. This listing provides a number of different ways you can bring your presentation, speech, or toast to an end, all while keeping your audience’s attention to the very end. 

Know everything you can about communicating. From the importance of shaking a hand to having excellent diction, this collection of articles from leaders in the communications industry will help you define what other information you need.

One of the hardest things to do when it comes to the fear or hesitation to public speaking is simply stepping up and taking the first leap. This collection of resources will help you create a speech that will help you get your feet wet in the public speaking arena. 

A Conference of Mind and Mouth: The Ultimate Public Speaking Resource Guide

The fear of public speaking is widely recognized as the number one fear for most people. Yet, there is little doubt that one has to often address public gatherings in various formal and informal situations. Weddings, funerals, dinners and the workplace are just some of the places where one might have to make a speech or deliver a presentation. Overcoming the fear of public speaking or speech anxiety may not be easy for many. Here are some useful resources to help manage speech anxiety, prepare a speech and deliver it with style and confidence.

Avoiding the Stress

Organization and Techniques

Do’s and Don’t’s

Examples and Templates


Lessons from a bored Room

Lessons From a Bored Room

How to avoid meeting monotony, be a better speaker, and make your communication sing

This collection of short articles will help you engage with your participants and be a strong, successful speaker. Purchase through Amazon.


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