The Advantages of Recording Your Conference Call

These days, conference call recording and documenting is very important. The more transactions your company does, the more liable you become. Unfortunately , a simple hand shake and a smile is not enough these days. So in order to cover your bases you need a conference call provider that offers easy-to-use conference call recording.

In addition, costly mistakes need to be accounted for. A conference call recording can help target where it first began. Getting accurate information makes it easier for a decision to be made.

Resolutions cannot wait, because after all, time is money.

Documentation shows the facts, and the facts are indisputable. To list a few of the advantages: conflict resolution, liability management, improved decision making, improved customer support, improved training or management.

Who Should Use Conference Call Recording and Why?

There are many different uses. If you operate a call center, you can use recording as a way to ensure your customers are getting quality service. You can also use recording to ensure that your employees are up-to-date with training and instructions.

If you record a conference call, then you have documentation in case of disputes or problems.

There are various industries which could benefit from conference call recording:

Sales and Marketing

People who do face-to-face sales, or who target specific channels (as opposed to mass media advertising) will benefit. By documenting the sale, you have a record of the item that was discussed and the terms of the agreement. Often special deals or arrangements are made to "seal the deal." Recording a conversation can help you stay on top of these things.

Business Purposes

Remember that innovative brain storming meeting you had a long time ago? If not, then hopefully you recorded it. Conference call recording is a great way to track the status of your project and check it against your old meetings to make sure you’re on target. For example, if you are developing something for a client, you will want to hear the exact requirements and specifications they requested.

Financial Institutions

Banking institutions, or any company that manages a lot of financial transactions, can benefit from conference call recording. Archived recordings can help resolve various money disputes (which are often the worst kind!). You can also download the recording and forward to applicable departments.

Public Health and Safety Services

Most emergency phone calls, by law, are required to be recorded. The calls are recorded for liability issues. Often times, state or federal programs are required to make certain recordings available. There are also various non-emergency centers that provide assistance during severe weather, power outages, and other events. Having recordings of these calls could be just as important.


Many state or federal services can fall under intense scrutiny. When tax dollars are involved, people are sensitive about how things are handled. Having conference call records can help bring an issue to light or can be used to avert problems or scandals. Either way, it is important that conference call recording is used for accountability. All recordings can be encrypted for privacy and security reasons, too.

Health Care Industry

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) is a federally regulated national standard for health care information. Because of these requirements, most health care providers are required to record their transactions. Many hospitals have large volumes of people to juggle and will sometimes overbook their facilities. This causes paper work to be rushed and details to be missed. Having a backup would be very helpful. Recording dictation is also available for doctors or other health-care professionals. You can send your conference call recording or dictation to be sent for transcription by a medical transcription specialist.

Why Document Your Calls?

There are many benefits to recording a conference call and keeping it on file for a long period of time.

Comply with Regulatory Bodies

There are various standards that affect your business and there will always be compliance issues. By keeping recordings of your day-to-day transactions, meetings and dictations, you can prove that you are meeting all guidelines. As more regulatory institutions surface, it will become even more important that you keep accurate records. AccuConference provides you with an easy-to-use archive and documentation solution, which makes it easy to locate and retrieve information: recordings are archived by name, day, time and location.

Resolve a Complaint or False Endorsement

Sometimes a customer will call and be irate about a problem they experienced. They may claim to have called you "hundreds of times" about the same issue. Recording makes it easy to see how often the customer called and what exactly they said. Also, sometimes a customer service representative will provide incorrect information to a customer. Recordings will come in handy to track down a problem and correct the issue quickly.

Easily Download Your Recordings

You can download any conference at anytime and then save it to your computer or burn it to a disc for distribution. Depending on the size of your audio recording you can also email audio files as attachments. Quality will never be compromised, and it will sound exactly like the original call.

Why People Don’t Record

Many companies feel as though recording a call is expensive. Many conference call companies charge extra for this feature or charge a premium to download the recordings. AccuConference offers a cost-effective conference call recording solution because it’s FREE with every AccuConference account.

Some organizations are intimidated by the possible infrastructure or setup costs. AccuConference’s recording manager system is web based and does not require anything to be installed or downloaded. There are no integration costs, just the same flat monthly rate or low toll-free rate. Regardless of the size of your business or the growth that you experience, AccuConference can accommodate your recording and archiving needs.

Bureaucracy or “red-tape” makes it hard for large corporations to decide which initiatives to pioneer. Recording conference calls is a proactive solution. You won’t know that you need it, until it’s already too late.


Times are changing and it is more important than ever to keep accurate records and to document everything. Implementing a conference call recording is easy. When employees are recorded, they can be trained better. They will also perform better knowing that you can listen. Customers whose calls are recorded also take comfort in knowing that there is documentation in case something goes wrong. Regulatory bodies will be pleased to know that you are meeting and exceeding all requirements.

AccuConference provides an easy-to-use solution for conference call recording. Get the facts and keep the facts for when you need them most.

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