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There are a lot of different reasons why you can hear static on your conference call, and we are often asked here at our customer service department how to help alleviate some of those static issues. What we've found in our experience is that much of the static participants are hearing on conferences can actually be related back to small things they can fix right in their office. Here are some of the top causes of conference call static.

  1. Phone Carrier Quality: The most common cause of static on your line relates back to your actual phone provider. Not the phone that you have in your conference room, but the provider of your service. If your service is hosted over something that isn't a quality land-line (such as a VoIP carrier) unfortunately, you will run into issues with your call quality. Contact your carrier to see if there is anything they can do to help boost the quality of your conference.
  2. White Noise: White noise is the common term for static caused by electronic components in close proximity to each other. If you're experience static or beeping on a conference, move your phones back from your phone, or even your computer speakers. If your call requires you to be in front of a computer, be sure there's at least four feet between where your computer hard drive is located and where your phone will be set up.
  3. Check your connections: Static can often be related back to your phone cord going out of business. Check to make sure that all of your cords are fully connected into your phone system and wall output. Moving the cords around may cause your static to get worse or better, depending on the kind of poor connection your phone cords might be causing.
  4. Speaker Damage: Have you ever blown out speakers in a pair of headphones or ear buds? You know how they start to buzz and pop before they just go completely dead? Your speaker phone is the same way. Over time and use, the phone will wear out, and if your phone is older, is of poor quality, or the volume is always keyed very high during the use, the speaker piece can actually wear out. When it does, you'll have a higher likelihood of hearing static or popping on your side of your call.
  5. Hands Free Device: If you're taking a conference in your office or cubicle with your head set, the static could be directly related to your headset. Try taking your call off the headset mode and listening from the handset. If the static has cleared, you know that that the static you were experiencing was coming from your headset.

Static on a call can easily be worked through with a couple of quick steps, and if you still can't figure it out, call your carrier or phone equipment provider. They may have some additional steps that can help you to get the problem solved quickly.

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