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How Can Accuconference Connect You?
Whether you have a small business or a large corporation, you need communication to thrive.  Accuconference can help you connect two people, a hundred people, or more – quickly, easily, and securely.  Simply getting your people on the same call is a good start, but what else can you do to increase your productivity?  Do you need to record your calls, or maybe you need PowerPoint to get your ideas across?  If you are an individual, small business, or corporation, Accuconference has your communication needs covered.  See how our other features can take your meetings to a new level as well.

Simple Conference Calls
Instant, Easy, Simple Conference Calls
When do you need that meeting?  How about right now!  Setting up an account and starting a conference call can take as little as five minutes!  If you already have an account, it becomes as quick as picking up the phone and dialing in.  No reservations, no waiting.

video Conferencing
Meet “Face-to-Face” While You Are Miles Away
Facial expressions say it all.  When you use video, you have a presence in the meeting that requires the full attention of all your participants.  Enhancing your conference call with video only requires webcams and computers – no special equipment needed. Think of the impact on morale when they see your confident presentation.  Imagine interviews with prospects in another state, having the ability to look them in the eye.  Let us make that happen for you!
Large Conference Calls

Large Group Conference Calls
Getting fifty people into a meeting can be a daunting task, but not so with a conference call.  Schedule your call, email the invites, and call in.  Better yet, use the automated out-dial feature to have our system call your people in time for your conference.  It doesn’t matter anymore if your people are in the office, at home, or even in another state!  Large group meetings are a mouse-click away.

Share Ideas

Your Ideas Heard and Seen
 “A picture is worth a thousand words” - an old saying, but still true today.  It’s easy to realize the impact visual aids make in improving your conference call, and we have a way to make that happen.  You can run PowerPoint from your computer and your audience can see it from theirs.  You control the progression, you control what they see.

Application Sharing

Share Your Applications
“Look with your eyes…” and now touch with your mouse.  Do you need to collaborate on a document or a spreadsheet and are tired of email revisions back and forth.  Now you can share those files with your participants and work on them in real-time, as if you were in the same room.  Imagine how much time you will save and how much frustration and miscommunication you will avoid when everyone’s input and changes are made all together.

International Conference Calling

Make Your Meeting International
Business and meetings are not confined to these United States.  Your international colleagues can participate as well.  It may be difficult and expensive to get them into your boardroom, but you can still get their expertise easily and often with a conference call.  See our list of countries with Toll-Free access. There’s no need to leave anyone out!

Operator Services

Need Operators on the Line?
Your conference calls can be as simple or complex as you like.  To help make the complex simple, let our operators help with your call.  We can monitor your conference, moderate the Q&A, or even run the whole call for you.  Let us help you figure out how best to accommodate your needs.  Our operators are not limited to the calls either!  We can answer the incoming callers, collect whatever info you like, and connect them to the call.  We are also here 24/7 to take care of any questions or concerns you may have.

Lecture Mode - Conference Calls

Quiet for the Lectures
Even on a two person call, you can hear background noise.  Now imagine fifty people!  To give you the best quality, every conference call can go into “Lecture Mode.”  This mutes all of the callers except for the moderator and your lecturer.  The participants of the lecture cannot unmute themselves, but they can “raise their hand” and the moderator chooses who can talk.  Your speaker can deliver their message in peace.

Record your Conference Call

Record Now, Listen Later
Your conferences are important and often what you say needs to be repeated.  That’s why you can record any or all of your conference calls, either manually or automatically.  If someone misses a call, they can call in and listen to the recording and not miss a beat.  Recorded conferences can have other uses too.  What if you were to record a presentation or lecture by yourself?  You can keep that recording available and play it into your next conference call, or even let whoever you want call in to listen anytime they want.  Now you are no longer bound to a schedule.

Keeping Track

Keeping Track of It All
It doesn’t matter if you need to have a large call or a small one, staying on top of things can be time consuming.  With some of our features, Accuconference can save you time.  Starting when you create a conference call, you can have an “automated registry” page.  This allows your future participants to sign up for a call and receive their own conference code and directions on when and how to use them.  After the call, you can easily look at the usage tracker to see who attended your call, and the information they provided when they signed up.  Everything collected automatically so you can spend your time on other things.

Recurring Meetins

Have Recurring Meetings
Do you have a meeting that takes place at the same time every month, week, or even day?  Why don’t you setup that meeting once and be done with it?  You can easily schedule a recurring conference call to happen whenever you want using the same codes and same numbers.  You can even let us call your people to get them to your conference, or use the automated out-dial.  Either way, all you need to do then, is call in at the right time.  How simple is that?

Desktop Controls

Monitor and Control From Your Desktop
For a hands-on meeting experience, all of our conference calls allow you to monitor your conference on your computer in real-time.  You can see who is on your call and who is talking.  You can also mute people, boot people, or conduct a Q&A.  All the moderator power you need, right at your fingertips.

Secure Meetings

Secure Communications
Worried about who might be able to access your meetings?  We’ve thought of that too.  Each conference has its own access codes as standard, but you can build on that.  You can have unique codes for different groups, or even give each individual their own codes.  You can even create “one-time use” codes, good for a particular conference and nothing else.  Of course you can cancel and reissue codes immediately and whenever you wish; all from the convenience of your computer.

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