Teleconference Services

4.9¢ Toll Free

No additional cost from Alaska, Hawaii or Canada, You pay the same low rate.
For non-US/Canada rates, see International Conference Calling

Reservationless Conferencing – Get a personal conference line that can be used whenever you need it at the drop of a hat. Call now and be ready to conference in 10 minutes.

Operator Services – For large and/or important calls, our operators are here to lend a helping hand. They'll dial-out to participants, accompany you on the call, read introductions, conduct Q&A sessions and more. They'll even plan your call for you.

Features and Benefits – Your conferencing account comes packed with features and benefits, all of which are included at no additional charge: call recording, customer site, web conferencing, and more.

Customer Service – Customer service agents are available 20 hours a day, 7 days a week. We like to do things person-to-person, so you won't ever be connected with an automated machine.

Web Conferencing – Web conferencing is included in the package with each conferencing account at no additional cost. Have your conversation over the phone, while participants can follow your visual aid on the web. Share powerpoints, chat, polling, Q&A sessions, and more.

High-Quality Conference Lines – Our phone lines are fiber-optic rather than VoIP. This assures landline-quality connections, no matter the size of your teleconference.

No Contracts, No Fees - Pay only for what you use on a month-to-month basis. No termination fees. No startup fees.

New to teleconferences? Check out these tips for improving attendance and having effective teleconferences.

How to Conduct an Effective Teleconference

Imagine you are about to professionally speak to 30 people on a teleconference call where the interaction is audio only. Reading the reactions of your audience is very difficult because there are no visual clues.  All you have to guide you are your ears, imagination, and intuitive senses. Facilitating a teleconference is an art that many business professionals need to learn in order to be effective.


Structuring a teleconference methodically not only saves you valuable time (as well as the participants’), but also proves to be an effective and efficient way to get all parties on the “same page.”   Begin by deciding the focus for your conference – do you want a “learning-focused” or a “lecture-based” teleconference call? The number one mistake people make is thinking that all conference calls are the same. Knowing the difference between these types of calls helps you plan and implement your call effectively.

Here are some tips in organizing a successful teleconferencing session:

Organization & Planning

Teleconferencing can take some practice to be effective but in the long term, it will save your organization a tremendous amount of time and money. 

How to Increase Teleconference Attendance

Have you ever had a significant amount of people register for a teleconference, and then only half of them show up? You’re not alone. This sort of thing is common for large volume teleconferencing (100+ people). It depends on the type of call, but our data shows an average turnout of 40-50%.

Do you want more than the “average” turnout? Here are some tips to boost attendance:

Remind Your Participants – Remind your participants by sending an email or making a quick phone call. Sometimes people want to attend, but they forget.

Use a Guest Speaker – Invite a high-profile speaker. This can be an industry professional or a prominent member of your company. Inform participants that you will be hosting a live Q & A session with your guest speaker.

Take Attendance – Participants will be less likely to skip when they know that their name will be called out. A little accountability can go a long way.

Out-Dial – Instead of having participants call you, you should call them. Our blast-dial feature enables everyone on your list to be called at the same time. You can also have one of our operators assist you with the out-dial process.

Incorporate Media – Keep your attendees engaged and they’ll come back for more. Use Video, PowerPoint, Live Polls and Text-Based Chat to enhance your conferencing experience.

Keep it Entertaining – Incorporate humor throughout your meeting and find ways to keep it interesting. You can create a funny and interactive poll, show a comic strip or share a joke.

Consistency – Plan your calls for the same time and same day so that your participants are less likely to forget. In addition, your participants will begin to anticipate your meetings and plan accordingly.

Toll-free – Flat rate conferencing does not get the same response as toll-free. If people need to pay for the call, then they are less likely to attend.

Last-Minute Reminder – Nothing works better then a last-minute reminder. Send a short email about an hour before the conference call begins.

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