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Transcription Services

We provide a simple way to get a written copy of your meeting or video.

Transcription services are available for a rate of $3.50 per audio minute. Once a transcription is processed we follow your document through the entire process. It's proofread by multiple people and a final editor until your transcription is finished and delivered to you. Our 99.5% accuracy rate is unmatched and we want to do everything we can to ensure we live up to that standard.

Ordering a transcription is as simple as clicking a button in your account. You can use our service to make your recording or upload your own, and then submit your order in a matter of seconds. You will receive a confirmation of receipt as well as a estimate of the total price to ensure 100% satisfaction in the process. We bill your account directly only after the transcription has been sent back to you. Transcriptions are an excellent addition to meetings and conference calls. Share the written word for press releases and company announcements, or send out the text to clients who were unable to join you for the live meeting.

transcription services

Audio Transcriptions

Audio transcriptions are provided in a Word format with each speaker notated by name (if provided) or by gender. Order the transcription from your home page before 4PM CT and receive it on the next business day. For most, this is a 24 hour turnaround time for audio transcriptions.

Why Transcribe?

  • Investment and earnings annoucements for release to the general public
  • Court reporting
  • Private investigatons
  • Lecture notes and study materials
  • To-do lists
  • Proposals and bids for major projects

Video Transcriptions

The same accuracy and quality of audio transcriptions is also available for your video files and formats. Video transcriptions will also be provided in a "script" format. The movements of the speakers will be notated on the transcription. You can also request for timestamps for any slide changes or background movements.

Video Transcriptions are Great For:

  • Video captions for SEO
  • Interviews held over video conferences
  • Graduation speeches or introductions.
  • Submit videos with transcription documents to the press
  • Unforgettable moments - wedding speeches, reunions.


AccuConference has one of the highest accuracy rates for transcription services at a rate of 99.5%. This accuracy rate means that your transcriptions are never sent to an overseas hub or done by a machine.

Each transcription is proofed and then additionally reviewed by an editor so that any mistake will be caught and corrected before you are billed.

Additional Services

Custom templates, redactions of names or sensitive information, and other services are available upon request. If you have any questions about our transcription services, please call us at 1.800.989.9239 and we will be happy to answer your questions.

Transcription Services Also Available For:

  • Webinars
  • YouTube / Viemo links
  • Market Research Groups
  • Physical Media Formats (CD, DVD, etc)
  • Court documents
  • Interviews
  • Conferences


Transcription Services FAQ

How much does an audio transcription cost?
Each audio transcription is $3.50 cents per audio minute. We recommend editing out long periods of silence or hold music, since your recording is handled by a live person.
How long does it take to get my transcription back?
We have a 24 hour business turn around. Requests that are confirmed before 4PM CT Monday through Thursday will be back to you the next day. Requests made on Friday are returned to you on Monday. Rush services are available and please contact us to find out about the different rates for rushing your transcription.
What can you transcribe?
We accept and transcribe audio and video recording in all formats. This includes standard files like MP3 and WMA, but also physical media like CD's or data on flash drives. We can also transcribe your video, audio, and webinar links. Video and webinar transcriptions can be time stamped in a scripted form so that your transcription will not just have what was said, but also what was done during the recording.
How do I get started?
Just sign up for an account and upload your audio recordings to your account. Then you can request your first transcription.
Is this process secure?
Absolutely! AccuConference has a number of protective and secure measures. For example, audio files are uploaded and requested through our secure website, so that they are transmitted directly to us.
What file is my transcription sent to me in?
Transcriptions are sent in a Word format, though if you have a special request, you can always contact us to see what we can do.
What about stutters and stammers? (Like umm, uh, etc.)
As a general rule, our transcriptionist will edit out filler words, stammers, and curse words.
How do you make sure that the transcription is done correctly?
AccuConference guarantees 99.5% accuracy and each transcription is reviewed by a proofreader and an editor before it is sent to you in a final form.
How do you denote speakers?
If introduced, each speaker will be referenced by their name on the transcription. If no introduction is made, the speakers will be noted by "M" for male and "W" for woman.
What is a "business" hour?
Traditionally business hours are based on the standard Monday - Friday, 8AM to 4PM. AccuConference is in the central time zone, so we base our hours around that. Friday submissions that are in before 4PM CT will be returned by 5PM the following Monday.
Can you transcribe in all languages?
International translations are available at different rate. Please contact us to find out about these rates and turn around times.

Got more questions? Call us at 1.800.989.9239 and let one of our customer service operators walk you through the process.

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